Current at $1,100 and growing! Increases $25 daily. Aces full over Jacks qualifies

  • Only Limit and No-Limit Texas Hold’em games are eligible.
  • A minimum of five players are required to be dealt in during a qualifying game in order for players to be eligible and the table to qualify for the Jackpot.  However, a table with less than 5 players will still be eligible for a room share if the Jackpot hits on another table.
  • Players are only eligible for the Table Share if they have been dealt cards during the hand that qualifies for the Jackpot.
  • Players at all other poker tables are eligible for the Room Share if they have money on live poker table and do not have a missed blind button.
  • In order to qualify for the Jackpot, both the winning and losing hands must use two hole cards and three board cards.
  • All players are required to use the best possible 5-card-hand at showdown. EXAMPLE: Player 1 – 8c/9c.  Player 2 – 10s/10h.  Board – 10c/Jc/Qc/10d/Kc.  This is not a valid jackpot because Player 1 only uses one hole card to complete his hand.
  • In the event that a player’s hole card duplicates a kicker on the board, the Jackpot will still be valid. EXAMPLE: Player 1 – Ac/10c.  Player 2 – Qs/Js.  Board 10s/10h/10d/Ks/As.  Player 1’s A-kicker players; this is a valid Jackpot.
  • In the event that during a round of play, two or more players have qualifying losing and/or winning hands, only the player with the highest ranked losing and highest ranked winning hands will receive the posted prize percentage of the jackpot for the losing and winning hand.  The remaining player(s), including those who had lower ranked qualifying hands, will be eligible for the table share.
  • Any deviation from a standard deck will nullify the Jackpot.
  • Players are allowed a single card protector, not larger than a chip.  Any other foreign object at the seat of player with an otherwise qualifying hand will nullify the Jackpot. Chip racks and phones are examples of foreign objects that will nullify a Jackpot.
  • Collusion of any kind, including but not limited to discussion regarding the contents of hands or visually intimating a desire to “check down”, will nullify the Jackpot.
  • All players eligible for a Jackpot share are obligated to comply with all Title 31 and Cordova Casino house procedures in order to claim their portion of the distributed prize pool.